Coding languages you should learn now

I try to keep my eye out for fantastic resources for newbies and veterans alike. Today I wanted to share a fantastic article from Mashable:

The direct link is here:

Mashable article

The article gives a fantastic answer to “what should I be concentrating on as far as learning a language”.

The article lists 10 very common languages that are not going anywhere and are set to expand. One thing I would suggest as well is to ASK YOUR FRIENDS WITH CODING JOBS “What languages do you most commonly work in?”. The reason for this is coding jobs are harder to land than you think. They are high paying and high competition and can be outsourced very easily so your best chance to land one of these “Unicorn” jobs is going to be from knowing someone. If you are familiar with the code they are operating in you have can jump on any job openings.

Speaking of, if ever possible see if you can be a +1 at a company event. Having someone remember your face at the interview is a solid strategy. Last up, feel free to contact the employer and say “I’m looking for a three month NON-PAID (this is key) internship to gain some experience and my friend (drop that name) said he really likes working here. Is there some work I could help with?

It’s important that you put that 3 month timeline in so you don’t work for free forever and 3 months is the perfect amount of time to 1. gain some experience 2. prove you fit in and 3. prove your worth.

Good luck!