Recommended for the newbie programer

I had a thought today “you know, the old vets have been following me for awhile but if we have some new blood they are going to get zero value out of my site until I can rebuild up the basics”. SOOOO I thought I would try to point the newbies in the right direction (hey, we have all been there at some point right?).


If your day 1 as a programer then I highly suggest you check out W3schools(.com)

They cover a TON of basic (and advanced) coding and the best part is they are 100% free. They several programing languages including:







Some of the more advanced courses will teach you about databases, object oriented programing and more.


Some more great resources are

Khanadadamy(.org) (they have a ton more subjects as well… everything from math to science to accounting. It’s a WEALTH of knowledge and a great place to start. Just take it slow and don’t take on too much too quickly or you will get overwhelmed and give up.


Learn the basics and build from there!