Preventing Server crashes

One of the most important things you can do is backup your old data. As a web developer this is rule number one but we all make mistakes. As most of you that have been following our blog know we recently lost a TON of information and are in the process of recovering this info. This is a very humbling experience as we did back up our data but did so on only one device (which ended up getting destroyed). It’s one of those “it could not happen to me” experiences and an amature move all the way.

Let me idiotic mistake be a lesson to the community as a whole. BACKUP YOUR DATA IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. In addition to the solid storage devices/server spaces you can use locally there are very cheap additions you can make (such as the code guard product).

I’m also going to increase my local backup devices from 1 to 2 (so i’ll have 4 backups of everything from here on out, two locally and 2 online with different companies in different remote areas).